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Law Change Makes It Harder To Unlock Cellphones | NPR | Laura Sydell |2/20/13

Maybe you don’t like your mobile phone carrier, but you like your phone and you want to keep it but change providers. An obscure change in federal law makes it illegal to switch without permission from your carrier. If you … Continue reading

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Imaginary Weapon Gets 7-Year-Old A Real School Suspension – ABA Journal | Martha Neil | 2/6/13

Concerned about student violence in the wake of multiple classroom shootings, many school districts have adopted zero-tolerance policies in recent years under which children have been disciplined for displaying so-called weapons that obviously weren’t likely to inflict injury… Second-grader Alex … Continue reading

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Deport or Court? Defendants Seek to Take Back Criminal Pleas Based on Bad Immigration Advice | The Wenatchee World | 11/27/12

With recent Washington Supreme Court and U.S. Supreme Court decisions on their side, all three petitioned Chelan County Superior Court to vacate their pleas and re-try their cases, saying their defense attorneys didn’t properly inform them that their inform them … Continue reading

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Pa. Court Tosses Ban on ‘Wrongful Birth’ Lawsuits | York Dispatch | Associated Press | MARK SCOLFORO | 11/14/12

HARRISBURG, Pa.—A lawsuit based on a claim that doctors did not warn a pregnant woman she might give birth to a baby with severe defects can proceed because the Legislature violated the state constitution when it passed a law banning … Continue reading

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PA Voter ID Flyers in English and Translations in Various Asian Languages | Committee of Seventy | 10/11/12

Effective October 2, 2012 You do not need a photo ID to vote on November 6, 2012. All votes will be asked for a photo but MOST voters can use the voting machines without presenting one. Please see flyers for … Continue reading

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