I got a DUI. Do I need a Lawyer? | Pittsburg, KS – Morning Sun | Brandan Davies,Esq. | 8/13/12


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Excellent summation of the importance of seeking legal advice even in a “no-win” situation by Kansas attorney, Brandan Davies:

The advice of a good attorney can be expensive but an attorney’s knowledge can be priceless when applied in the correct situation.

Q:  I left a party and shouldn’t have been driving.  I got pulled over and was arrested for a DUI in Kansas.  The cops let me out on a signature and gave me a court date.  What is the benefit of hiring a DUI lawyer?  I am guilty and it is my first offense, what can a lawyer do?

A:  You need an lawyer that specializes in criminal defense and DUI.  That’s not a suggestion or a wish list or a think about it.  It’s a fact.  You have a lot on the line when you get a DUI charge.  First, you are looking at a license suspension and you only have 14 days to request a hearing before the state suspends your license.  Second, you are looking at going to jail.  Third, you are facing the possibility of having a criminal record.  There are many additional consequences.

There is an enormous benefit to hiring an attorney:

  • identify possible defenses
  • provide advice on your rights
  • discuss alternatives to pleading guilty that may be able to keep the conviction off your record.

When you are facing a criminal case there is a lot at stake. Your freedom, your job, your criminal record, and your future are all on the line. A criminal conviction can land you in jail for a lengthy time, it can cause you to lose your current job or make it difficult to get another job in the future. A criminal record can bar you from certain professions and affect your ability to become licensed with the state for some professions. Some convictions will strip you of your right to carry a firearm and could take away your right to vote. Having a criminal record can have many negative ramifications in your life. To put is short, the stakes really can not get any higher.

For full article and Mr. Davies bio see: I got a DUI. Do I need a Lawyer? – Pittsburg, KS – Morning Sun.


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