You Can Fight The Law – And Win – When It Comes To Parking Tickets | Chestnut Hill – Philadelphia PA | Pete Mazzaccaro | 7/30/12

PPA vs. Comcast

PPA vs. Comcast (Photo credit: g.p.macklin)

Jim Pavlock, a Fairmount attorney, challenged several parking tickets on the basis on erroneous. The ticket hearing judge ruled against him and Pavlock appealed them to the Board of Administrative Adjudication (BAA), where one normally appeals tickets, he argued that the tickets were invalid because they were not signed by the PPA officer and also did not list the specific address where he was parked. Instead it just listed a generic reference to the block on which Pavlock was parked.

So last week, Common Pleas judge Leon Tucker issued a ruling that compels the PPA to do the following:

  1. The BAA must inform ticket appellants that they have the right to cross-examine the issuing PPA officer. This provision should come as notice to ticket officers that they could be held accountable for every detail in a ticket. Anything missing could come back to them in a hearing.
  2. All tickets must have an exact location or the BAA hearing examiner must dismiss the ticket.
  3. All tickets issued must be signed by the officer.
  4. If a BAA examiner dismisses an appeal, the examiner must provide the reasons why in writing and at the time of the hearing.
  5. This means more to Philadelphians than simply a moment to cheer the victory of Joe Citizen.

So when you get a ticket that you think was unfair, you now have a shot at getting it waived. Turns out you can fight the PPA and win, thanks to Pavlock.

For full article see: You can fight the law – and win – when it comes to parking tickets | Chestnut Hill Local Philadelphia PA.


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