Estate Planning For Each Stage of Your Life | Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog | 6/27/12

A "refusal of treatment" form from o...

A “refusal of treatment” form from one of our ambulance services. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About 2.5 million people die in America each year, and many Americans do not have the basic will documents such as a living will. Forbes goes through appropriate minimum estate planning steps that you should take at each stage of your life.

1. Young and Broke

2. Single and Employed

3. In a Relationship

4. Just Married

5. On the Parent Track

6. Heading for a Divorce

7. Planning to Remarry

8. Newly Widowed.

For full description for wach life stage about and full article see Estate Planning For Each Stage of Your Life (Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog) and see Deborah Jacobs, The Real Estate-Planning Crisis Isn’t About Taxes, Forbes, June 26, 2012.


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