Alabama Man on Trial for Honeymoon Death in Australia | U.S. News | | Verna Gates | 02/13/12

Oxygen toxicity occurs when the lungs take in ...

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BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (Reuters) – Jury selection was due to start on Monday in the capital murder trial of Gabe Watson, 34, an Alabama man,  suspected of killing his new wife,  Tina, 26, during an Australian honeymoon scuba diving trip in order to get life insurance money.

Prosecutors accuse Watson of drowning his wife in 2003 by turning off her oxygen supply, but defense attorneys say the woman’s death was a tragic accident resulting from panic, fatigue and heavy currents in the Great Barrier Reef. Additionally, the defense disputes that Watson was due to receive any insurance money.

Watson initially was charged with murder in Australia, but he pleaded guilty to a lesser manslaughter charge and served 18 months in prison. Before Australian authorities would release Watson to the United States, Alabama had to agree to waive the death penalty as a possible punishment.

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2/24/12 UPDATE

An Alabama judge on Thursday acquitted the man accused of drowning his newlywed wife during a honeymoon diving trip to Australia eight years ago, ruling that prosecutors, in its case-in-chief, did not prove the man intentionally killed his wife to collect on a life insurance policy. After the prosecution rested, the defense  made its motion to dismiss- which was grated in this case.


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2 Responses to Alabama Man on Trial for Honeymoon Death in Australia | U.S. News | | Verna Gates | 02/13/12

  1. says:

    I would like to know if she was using oxegen or air. Everyreport i read is that he turned off her oxegen but at 100 ft O2 is deadly. If she was using air at 100ft she would only have just a few mins of bottom time at that depth. I also what to know how is is being charged here in the us because that is double jeopordy

    • vinhsu says:

      At this point, those facts may not be clear. If an expert is used, s/he may be able to explain when oxygen v. air would be used. Finally, there is no double jeopardy issue here as Australia and USA are different sovereigns and are prosecuting their own laws. In addition, state and federal courts are different sovereigns. I hope this helps. Thank you for reading!

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