PA: The New Year Brings New State Laws | Tredyffrin-Easttown Patch | Bob Byrne | 1/10/12

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Local state representative releases list of new laws for the new year. Below is a sampling of new laws effective in 2012:

  • No Texting While Driving:  Senate Bill 314, which will go into effect early March. The fine is $50.
  • Teen Drivers’ Law: Effective Dec. 27, 2011. More information on the changes for teen drivers can be found at
  • Castle Doctrine: House Bill 40 went into effect the end of August 2011.
  • Safety in Youth Sports Act: Senate Bill 200, which establishes standards for managing concussions and other brain injuries. The law takes effect July 1, 2012.
  • Fair Share Act: the “Fair Share” Act brings proportional fault to Pennsylvania, dramatically changing how liability is assessed in civil cases.   For example,  if a defendant is found to be 10 percent at fault, s/he is liable for only 10 percent of the damages.  The law went into effect June 28, 2011.
  • Long-Term Care Nursing Facility Independent Informal Dispute Resolution Act: House Bill 1052 goes into effect the end of April 2012.
  • New Sex Offender Registration Law: House Bill 1958/ Senate Bill 1183 closed what were loopholes in Megan’s Law regarding out-of-state sex offenders who move to and establish residence in Pennsylvania.  For more information about the various tiers of offenses and corresponding registration requirements, go to
  • Public Access to Birth/Death Certificates: Senate Bill 361 will assist those involved in research and genealogy.
  • Electronic Auctions/Abolish Office of Jury Commissioner: House Bill 1644 amends the County Code to allow the sale of personal property through electronic auctions.
  • Limited Distillery License: House Bill 242 will enable the holders of this license to operate a distillery with production of distilled spirits that shall not exceed 100,000 gallons per year.

For detailed description of  these laws and full article see  The New Year Brings New State Laws in PA on


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