Voter ID Mandate/ Pennsylvania Election Code: An Urgent Call to Action from the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC)

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Please see the email below from the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC) and use the online tool provided by PICC to tell your State Senator to vote against House Bill 934, which will have dire consequences for Americans with limited English proficiency in addition to the other road blocks in exercising their right to vote.

Also, please visit the statement of the Committee of Seventy, which provides its position and background information regarding the bill.


PICC Message:

Dear Supporter,

House Bill 934, a bill requiring voters to show government-issued ID every time they vote, passed the Senate State Government on Monday, December 12 and may be voted on in the full Senate in the final session days of 2011. Please tell your Senator to vote “No” on HB 934.

We only need to convince four Senators in order to defeat this measure, and we have reason to believe this is possible. A number of Senators are on the fence about a Voter ID mandate, so your calls and emails make a difference.

HB 934 is an expensive solution to a nonexistent problem. Now, when faced with evidence that polling place impersonation fraud just does not happen, supporters of the bill are scapegoating immigrants, saying that the bill’s purpose is to prevent non-citizens from fraudently voting. In fact, the county office of voter registration is responsible for verifying the eligibility of new registrants, so a non-citizen should not make it onto the rolls in the first place.

The bill’s true impact will be on Pennsylvania citizens – especially the elderly, African Americans, and the working poor – who do not have the required ID. Tell your Senator not to disenfranchise these eligible voters, including naturalized citizens. Click here to tell your Senator to oppose HB 934 today!


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