Estate Planning for Non U.S. Citizens | LexisNexis | John Dedon | 09/13/11

On August 24, 2011, John Dedon presented an estate planning seminar at the World Bank. His PowerPoint Presentation can be found here: Download Estate Planning Seminar 8-24-11. From the Presentation, non U.S. citizens who are either U.S. residents or non-resident aliens face a host of additional planning issues over and above those of U.S. citizens.

Read more discussion of estate planning topics affecting Virginia residents and U.S. citizens at Dedon on Estate Planning. And explore the Estates, Gifts & Trusts and Elder Law resource.

John Dedon’s original post can be found at Estate Planning for Non U.S. Citizens for LexisNexis.


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4 Responses to Estate Planning for Non U.S. Citizens | LexisNexis | John Dedon | 09/13/11

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