Fired Pharmacist Who Foiled Robbers Sues Walgreens | Reuters | James B. Kelleher | 09/08/11

Robbery not allowed

Robbery not allowed (Photo credit: Arenamontanus)

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Jeremy Hoven, a former Walgreen’s pharmacist fired days after he foiled a late-night armed robbery of his Benton Harbor, Michigan store by shooting at the 2 masked gunmen, has sued Walgreens for wrongful termination.

Hoven’s suit accuses Walgreens of violating civil rights when it terminated his employment in May 2011. Hoven tried to call 911 but when faced with a barrel of a gun, Hoven drew his gun and fired several times causing the gunmen to flee. Hoven obtained a permit to carry a concealed weapon after the same store was robbed while he worked in 2007. No employees or customers were hurt in the incident.

Hoven was fired for violating Walgreens’ “non-escalation policy” and a policy barring employees from carrying weapons while they work.

Hoven argues that his firing violates, among other things, his constitutional right to bear arms, defend himself and his fellow employees.

For full article see Fired pharmacist who foiled robbers sues Walgreens by James B. Kelleher for U.S. News |


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