OH: Good Samaritans Sue Woman They Rescued

OH: In 2009, two Good Samaritans rushed to a fiery car crash scene off the side of the road. Hearing cries for help, the Samaritans ran down a snowy embankment, and pulled a woman from the burning wreckage and her life. The Samaritans suffered injuries (physical and traumatic). Long after the crash, the Samaritans learned the woman was trying to end her life by causing the car wreck and now they are suing in Marion County Common Pleas Court to recover damaged for their permanent and disabling injuries.

Every state has a “Good Samaritan” law that is intended to absolve rescuers from liability when they, in good faith, attempt to save someone. But when it comes to the protection of the people being aided, judges and lawyers look to a federally recognized tort law known as “the Rescue Doctrine” which provides rescuers  people being helped were negligent or reckless when they created real danger, there could be a chance to recover damages if the rescuers acted reasonably and can prove their injuries.

For the full article see: Lawsuit of the Day: Good Samaritans Sue Woman They Rescued

For more information on NJ or PA Good Samaritan Act: see NJSA 2A:62A-1 and 42 Pa.C.S.A. § 8 332.


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